Meet Kate & Lisa

Sisters Lisa and Kate co-founded Social Goods in the Fall of 2018 with the desire to better connect consumers to the organizations whose support they were literally wearing on their sleeve.

Whether it’s pink hats for women's equality, orange t-shirts for common sense gun reform, or black pins to show solidarity, what we wear -- and what we buy -- has the power to raise awareness for issues close to our hearts or make a statement about injustice.

But often that purchase doesn’t allow for continued engagement with the nonprofits driving real change in these issue areas.

Merging their shared experiences in politics, fashion and social impact, Kate and Lisa created Social Goods to allow conscious consumers to shop the causes they care about, while finding more ways to take action even after their initial purchase.

Kate and Lisa are proud Ohioans and currently live in New York City ...one block apart.

P.S. Kate is a twin and would never hear the end of it if she leaves that fact out. Our sister, Anne, works in politics and is fighting the good fight on a daily basis in Washington, DC. She also often gives (unsolicited) advice on Social Goods.