Ballot Box

Register. Vote. Create change.

Want to register to vote?
Visit I Am A Voter to get registered and find additional information on deadlines, early voting, and absentee ballots.

Want to advocate for free and fair elections?
Learn more about Fair Fight. Founded by Stacey Abrams, they work to help end voter suppression and ensure every eligible voter can access a ballot. Work that is more important than ever!

Want to read more on your voting rights?
Voter suppression has taken on many new forms and remains a real obstacle today–disproportionately impacting both voters of color and youth voters. (See above!) When We All Vote has is sharing information on how to help identify voter suppression and  ensure your voice is heard in each and every election.

Want to organize your community around voting?
Become a Voting Squad Captain with When We All Vote to organize your friends, family, and community around getting registered and ready to vote.

Need to find your polling place?
Visit to find your state’s official polling place lookup tool. 

Need merch to wear while you volunteer or head to the polls...even from home?
We know a good place! Our Civic Engagement & Voting Collection supports awesome orgs helping people register, vote, and run for office!